My experience with Ramadan…. Which cause my modem to broke lol.

I’m seriously fed up with my brother!
For starters, today was Ramadan (a Muslim holiday. I’m christian, but some of my parents siblings are muslim), so we took a trip to lots of houses (mainly for food, lol).

The first family’s food was good. BUT, I found a spider in my curry. A DEAD SPIDER. Seriously, did they want to kill me?

Then on to the next family. This one is my father’s cousin. We eat again, and thank God there were no dead spiders.
But then, my brother, who was picking rambutans with a bamboo, hit me. Seriously, why did he even picked that in the first place? That bamboo was soooo tall, and he didn’t even called for a grown-up to help. Son of a bitch…

And don’t get me on when we arrived at the third family. I didn’t eat because I was so stuffed. So I decided to took out my laptop. This family’s kids are soooooooooooo irritating, even my dad agreed. Now for the worst part. I was making my new map of my game. Some of the kids that came to visit watched me, as if he never seen a laptop before.
Tch, kids these days…
Now, as I was browsing the internet, my brother suddenly sat ON my little modem. Obviously, it broke. I was like, WTF man, you sat on my modem! But he said, who cares?

…I really wanna punch his face. If my mom wasn’t there or I weren’t in public, he should be crying overnight right now. Thank God he stayed on the house when we were going to the next house.

So yeah, my modem broke. Luckily, I have my trusted phone so I can tether it and get online! Yay!

Well, so much for my ramblings lol.


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