I should have stayed at home…

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So, today we had a trip to somewhere far, far, far, far away. I originally didn’t want to go, but my mother forced me to come; even when I don’t want to. And so I got stirred away in the trip. The destination is roughly 200 kilometers long, and you know that couldn’t be true. -yes, it could. The place was actually farther than we thought. The road was…terrible. It got edges and it’s…complicated. Even I can’t describe how I felt during the trip. 4 hours later (yes, 4 hours. No BS), we arrived at the place. I was bored as hell there, but thank God it got fast connection there, even though we are sorta in the mountains! 3 hours had passed, and we ran out of gas. Ran, out, of, gas. WTF!? Haven’t they prepped for this? They should have brought a spare or something like that! Come on. Seriously?? *sigh*

So we waited…again. The gas finally came, and the place owner actually has a drum, but he forgot he has one. Epic fail. I seriously wanna puke.

SO we went back home, and we arrived roughly at 11 PM. I went straight to bed, no questions asked. And so my horrible experience ended.

Conclusion? I should have stayed at home.