Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! ^-^
This blog will be filled by my ramblings, games, and even tips & tricks!
But for now it’s just a small ol’ blog.

Since this is an ‘About’ page, I’ll throw in some of my origins.
Well, here goes!

My name is Kevin. Kevin Valentine Ngangi (I tend to scratch the last part). I live in Indonesia as long as I know. I never been out of my country. Although I’d like too see Malaysia or Singapore.
I’m currently at 10th grade, I just graduated to high school this June. I’m fourteen years old, turning 15 this November (long, isn’t it? lol). I know English since 3rd grade, and I’m the smartest one in my class! (To be honest, I think I’m the only one who knew English at that time.)
My hobby revolves at techie stuffs, and I love chatting with my friends. Heck, even my PSN friend list was full. Twice!
I don’t like drawing, to be honest, but I know how to paint a scenery or two.

…I think that’s it. Thanks for reading that wall of post ^_^”

If you’d like to contact me, feel free!
I’m on:

  • Steam – KeyToTruth12
  • PSN – KeyToTruth12
  • GameFAQs – KeyToTruth12
  • Email – keytotruth12@gmail.com

Yup. That’s about it.

Thanks again to everyone who visits this blog. I hope you’ll get a good time here!


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