Earthquakes – The First Signal

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 Disclaimer and Legal Stuffs

Major plots and original characters are legally belong to me, and it can’t be reproduced in ANY way. However, some stuffs I used are belonged to their respective owners. The engine I used for creating this game belonged to Entebrain.

This game is free, so, if you got this game from somewhere else and paid them, then you got RIPPED OFF.

Furthermore, this game MAY NOT be hosted elsewhere, aside from KeyToTruth12’s Blog.


Plot Synopsis

Ken, a somewhat clumsy boy, and Sophia, a hot-headed girl, has been living in Pinewood for as long as they know. But one day, a strange earthquake struck Pinewood. Questions arose the town, but they have nowhere to go now.
And while Ken and Sophia are searching for help, many bigger earthquakes has struck many places at the same time. They conclude that the earthquakes aren’t caused by nature. But by someone.

Who is the culprit behind the earthquakes?

Will Ken and the others solve the mysteries behind the earthquakes?

Join Ken and his friends in their search for the truth, and possibly the culprit’s reasons!

Earthquakes – The First Signal (WIP):

(Updated 12.07.2014)

Earthquakes – The First Signal [Fourth Update]

Earthquakes – The First Signal [Third Update]

An RPG Game v.0.2

An RPG Game v.0.1

And for these games to work, you have to download the RTP. 

RPG Maker VX Ace Run Time Package (RTP)


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